About Us

We’re fast. With our 3 payment lanes, 150 foot long modern car wash tunnel, and 23 vacuum stalls, you can be in and out with a clean, dry, and shiny car in no time.

We’re clean. Would you eat food that came out of a filthy kitchen? Then why would you clean your car in a filthy tunnel? We keep our car wash and equipment clean because we know how important cleanliness is to you, our customer.

We’re good for the environment. Did you know that average person washing their car at home with a hose uses over 100 gallons of water and that the harsh chemicals then enter the storm drain and end up in the ocean? We capture all water runoff on site and reuse 80% of our water in the wash process.

All of our soaps are biodegradable and will not harm the environment.

We save you time and money. Become a monthly member and for the price of about 2 washes you can wash your car every day!

We’re fun for the whole family.

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